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The City of Westminster has many ways for residents and businesses to keep track of city news and events.

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Community newspaper

City Edition - a great source of news and information for Westminster residents. Subscribe to receive print version or view it online.

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Online Discussions

WestyConnect - You can now share your thoughts and ideas with City Council any time. WestyCOnnect allows participation by anyone, anytime, from anywhere. Everyone, including those who can’t make it to a public meeting or don’t have time to write a letter to City Council, now has an opportunity to have a voice. So, sign up and join the conversation today

Social media

The City of Westminster has established several official outlets on Facebook and Twitter, providing residents and businesses with an easy way to keep track of city news and events.

City of Westminster Channel


Westminster Police Department - westminster_pd

Parks, Recreation and Libraries - westyprl

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City of Westminster, Colorado - Government

City of Westminster Parks and Recreation

Standley Lake Regional Park

Westminster Fire Department

Westminster Police Department 

Westminster Public Library

City of Westminster Emergency Management

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City of Westminster - @westminsterco

Westminster Fire Department - @westyfire

Westminster Police Department - @westminsterpd

Parks, Recreation and Libraries - @westyprl

Economic Development - @westminsterbiz


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