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Technical Support

We have addressed some of the common access issues below. However, you can talk to a person who will help during business hours at 303-658-2603. After hours, email WPL-inTouch@cityofwestminster.us and we will reply the next business day.

Please note: Online library services and phone renewal are briefly unavailable due to weekly maintenance between 9-10 p.m. on Thursday nights.


Your barcode is not recognized:

  • Unless otherwise noted, you must be a City of Westminster cardholder to use the online resources. 
  • Your library card number is 14 digits long. Be sure to enter all of the digits in the correct order. It begins with 23020. Be sure to enter the library card number WITHOUT spaces.
  • Library cards do expire. Call the library with your barcode during business hours and (in most cases) we can renew your card over the phone.

Your PIN is not working or you don't know it:

  • Your PIN number is a four digit number. It is generally the last four digits of the phone number on file with us. 
  • If your PIN is not working, you probably changed it to be something other than your phone number, or you changed your phone number and the library did not change your PIN. Call the library with your barcode during business hours and we will tell you what PIN is on file. You will NOT be able to access the online resources or place holds until your PIN matches what the library has in your patron record.

Page Does Not Display

All remote library services are briefly unavailable for weekly maintenance between 9-10 p.m. on Thursday nights. This includes access to the catalog, databases, online and phone renewals and the downloadable website. If you are attempting access during this time, please try again later.

Unauthorized User

Unless otherwise noted, you must be a City of Westminster cardholder. Exception: FRCC students who live in Westminster can access public library online resources.

Online Resource Displays Username/Password Login Box

There are several reasons this might be happening:

  • Cookies are not fully enabled
    By default, most browsers comes with cookies enabled at a setting of "MEDIUM." At medium, some of the library's online databases may work, but others will prompt you to enter a username and password. If you receive such a prompt, first try changing your cookies settings to allow all cookies.
  • Cookies need to be deleted to clear session
    To move between databases, it is sometimes necessary to delete the current session cookie. You might need to delete cookies if you've used the browser back arrow to navigate instead of just closing the window and returning to the database list, or, if you have been using the databases for more than 30 minutes. 
  • Anti-virus and/or Firewall software is blocking cookies
    If you have set the cookies properly through the browser and still get a username/password prompt when trying to access the databases you may need to check the settings on your computer for the anti-virus, firewall or anti-spyware software. 
  • Computer clock or time zone is wrong
    First check the time and time zone on your computer. The time is show in the bottom right-hand corner of the monitor. This is especially critical during the change to and from Daylight Savings Time. To adjust the settings, double-click the time to open the date/time properties window.


Format incompatibility
The format you've downloaded may be incompatible with your device. Call the library during business hours at 303-658-2603 or e-mail WPL-InTouch. We will review your account and have the incompatible items removed.

Software problems
You may not have all the software you need to access and use the downloadable collection. Please review the device specific instructions on the Overdrive Help page .

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