4800 West 92nd Avenue Westminster, CO 80031

Council Outreach

Westminster's elected officials are committed to being open and accessible. In addition to being available at regularly scheduled meetings, the mayor and council are reaching out to the community to receive their input.

City Council - Profiles of mayor and councillors, contact information.

Special Events
Stop by and visit with City Council at the following events: Fire Station 5 Open House, Summer Celebration, July 4 Celebration, Westy Fest, Halloween Carnival

Donuts and Conversation with the Mayor and City Council
Friday, May 15
10:30 a.m. to noon
Keystone Place, 11180 Irving Drive

Join the Mayor and City Council for donuts and conversation. Open to the public. Bring your questions. Kids welcome.
For further information, please contact Valerie Medina, 303-658-2006 or vmedina@cityofwestminser.us

Telephone Town Hall

The Westminster City Council conducted a telephone town hall meeting on May 13 to discuss city services and projects. Approximately 24,000 random households were called to participate, with more than 3,000 participating.

Listen to a recording of the meeting.


You can now share your thoughts and ideas with City Council any time. WestyCOnnect allows participation by anyone, anytime from anywhere. Everyone, including those who can’t make it to a public meeting or don’t have time to write a letter to City Council, now has an opportunity to have a voice. So, sign up and join the conversation today.