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Environmental Advisory Board

Community Recycling Study

As part of their 2015 Strategic Plan Goal of a Beautiful, Desirable, Safe and Environmentally Responsible City, Westminster’s City Council has established an objective of being an active steward, protecting and enhancing natural resources and environmental assets.

A notable project of the Environmental Advisory Board has been community recycling.  Westminster conducted a critical analysis of trash and recycling services in the City.  Between the years 2010 and the beginning of 2012, trash collectors, residents, businesses, the Environmental Advisory Board and the Green Team worked together to prepare recommendations for City Council on how to improve recycling in Westminster.  For more information on these recommendations, please review the June 4, 2012 City Council Study Session.   Based on feedback from City Council, the Board and staff revised the solid waste code, improved education on recycling, and the improved the recycling drop-off location program.  The Environmental Advisory Board continues to support City Council and staff on forms of community recycling in Westminster.

In 2015 the Environmental Advisory Board: engaged the public at Westy Fest, taught Girl Scout Troops about energy conservation and recycling, and partnered with North Metro Community Services/ Data Safe and Adams County to hold a document shredding event in support of America Recycles Day.

In 2016 the Environmental Advisory Board plans to: continue efforts regarding forms of community recycling, learning about City of Westminster efforts in sustainability and environmental stewardship from city staff members, participate in the City of Westminster’s Earth Day activities, engage the public at Westy Fest, and host an America Recycles Day event and other events to increase environmental awareness.

The mission of the Environmental Advisory Board is to:

(A) Advise City Council and staff on matters in the community pertaining to solid waste disposal, yard waste recycling, air quality enhancements, hazardous waste management and storm water quality.

(B) Make recommendations to City Council and staff regarding the development of city-wide community and/or neighborhood programs to address long-range recycling and solid waste disposal issues; programs to address grass, tree limb and leaf recycling; programs to address air quality enhancements, such as ground-level ozone programs to address hazardous waste recycling and/or disposal; and to educate the community and serve in an advisory capacity regarding storm water quality programs.

(C) Encourage citizen participation in community recycling efforts and promote public education on the environmental benefits of various community programs, including curbside recycling, Christmas tree recycling, composting, ground level ozone action alerts, wood burning bans and household hazardous waste disposal opportunities.

NOTE: Please see the official City calendar for all Environmental Advisory Board meeting dates and changes.

All meetings are open to the public. For more information on the board’s activities, contact Nick Butel, 303-658-2183 or nbutel@cityofwestminster.us

Board members:
Lisa Bressler (Chairperson)
Ellen Buckley
Edwin Cook
Donald Fiddes
Victor Karels (Alternate)
Mark Moreno
Melanie Stone
Nick Pizzuti (Vice-Chair)

Council Liaison: Anita Seitz

Staff Liaison: Nick Butel, 303-658-2183 or nbutel@cityofwestminster.us

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