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Vogel Pond

Vogel PondVogel Pond is located in northeast Westminster, in the 42.9-acre Vogel Pond Open Space north of West 112th Avenue and east of Ranch Reserve Parkway. Undeveloped prairie, wetland and large cottonwood and willow trees surround the 3.9-acre body of water. Beyond these features, residential neighborhoods and the Ranch Country Club border the pond and open space. Parking is found along Ranch Reserve Parkway near West 114th Court, from which a path leads to the pond.

Informal trails circle the pond and cross the open space property. A panoramic view of the mountains to the northwest is gained from among the large cottonwoods along the high ground just east of Vogel Pond.

In addition to capturing stormwater runoff, the pond has long been fed from the south with water from the Farmers' High Line Canal and Mushroom Farm Pond. Excess water exits Vogel Pond toward the northwest and ends up in Big Dry Creek. The pond and surrounding open space support a diversity of wildlife and the water is used solely for recreational purposes.

The City of Westminster acquired Vogel Pond and the surrounding open space in 1999 and 2001. In 2002, the city completed work on the dam and spillway, which were rebuilt at that time.

During the 1880s, the Vogel family acquired the property where the pond and open space are found today. Jacob Vogel was born in 1831 in Switzerland. In 1861, he married Judith Haupt and the couple settled in Zurich. Two years later, they gave birth to a son named Otto. The Vogels, including Otto and his new wife Elizabeth, immigrated to the United States in 1881. They settled in Colorado by 1885, where they secured a 160-acre farm parcel in the countryside north of Denver, northeast of today’s 112th Avenue and Federal Boulevard. Initially, the entire family lived together in a house located in the southeast area of the farm, on high ground just east of Vogel Pond, which they appear to have constructed and used for irrigation. Another farmstead located in the property’s northwest quadrant, northwest of the pond, may have been the home of Otto and Elizabeth, who separated this 40-acre parcel into a property of their own by the late 1890s. Jacob died in 1909 and was buried in nearby Wesley Chapel Cemetery. Judith died the following year and was laid to rest next to her husband.

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