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Promenade Lake

Promenade LakePromenade Lake is the central scenic landscaped feature of the city’s 5-acre Westminster Promenade Park. It is located at the intersection of Westminster Boulevard and Promenade Drive, west of the Westin Hotel and southeast of the Ice Center. The 1.4-acre lake is bordered by ornamental plantings, a grassed area and paved walkways. A fountain rises from the south-central area of the lake and curving rock waterfalls stretch across its western half. These features offer movement of visual interest and at the same time aerate the water. A pedestrian bridge also crosses over the lake’s eastern end.

The raised concrete walkway along the north shore includes steps that allow visitors to descend close to the water’s edge. An enclosed pavilion is found on the lake’s southeast shore. The eastern shore holds a circular interpretive area complete with historical signage, stylized paving and light fixtures, and a statue of Southern Arapahoe Chief Little Raven. Additional fixtures, pergolas and banner standards surround the lake. All of these incorporate design elements reminiscent of Native American themes and are meant to honor those who lived on the land before the pioneers arrived. Access to Promenade Lake is gained from the Westin Hotel and the Ice Center.

Prior to development of the lake, the area where it is located consisted of an expanse of open fields in the countryside west of Big Dry Creek. No farmsteads were present in the vicinity. These fields were likely to have supported crops or were used as pasturage earlier in their history. Major change came to the area in the 1950s with construction of the Boulder Turnpike, which spurred suburban development along its length over the following decades.

Promenade Lake and the surrounding Westminster Promenade were constructed in 1998. The entirely manmade lake is 15-feet deep and is lined with concrete along the edges and PVC toward the middle. It is a closed system filled with potable water which is recycled and pumped to the upper (western) edge of the lake by turbines located in an ornamental pump house along the lake’s southwest shore.

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