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Legacy Ridge Golf Course Ponds

Legacy Ridge Golf Course is located in east-central Westminster between West 104th and West 112th avenues, and extends both east and west of Federal Boulevard. 

Three ponds are found on the public course; all of them designed by prominent Ohio-based golf course architect Arthur Hills and RBD Engineering. Hills has been designing golf courses since the 1950s and to date has created more than 180 of the world’s most aesthetic and challenging courses.

The landscaped ponds at Legacy Ridge, each just over one acre in size, are supplied with water from the Farmers High Line Canal, supplemented with stormwater runoff. 

Legacy Ridge Golf Course Pond 1The first of these ponds (left) is situated adjacent to the clubhouse at Legacy Ridge Parkway and Lowell Drive. It is bordered by a perimeter of rocks, wetland and grass. Beyond the shoreline, the golf course, clubhouse and premier residences surround the pond. Golfers are treated to a panoramic view of the flatirons and mountains to the northwest from the pond’s eastern and southern shores. This pond is located in what was once a natural drainage.



Legacy Ridge Golf Course Pond 2The second pond on the course (left) is located on the west side of Federal Boulevard at about West 109th Avenue. It is bordered by a perimeter of rocks, wetland and grass. Beyond the shoreline, the golf course and substantial residences surround the pond. It sits on high ground with panoramic views of the mountains to the west.





Legacy Ridge Golf Course Pond 3The third pond on the Legacy Ridge Golf Course (left) is found among the holes east of Federal Boulevard, just southwest of Foxshire Park. It is bordered by wetlands and grass, beyond which are the golf course and large residences. The pond is located in a drainageway from the Meadowlark Subdivision and excess water is piped underground as needed into the Mushroom Farm Pond a short distance to the north.




Prior to development of the golf course, the areas where the ponds are located consisted of agricultural fields adjacent to the Farmers High Line Canal. The land was part of three different farms dating back to the late 1800s, and for many years the fields were utilized for the production of wheat. 

The golf course and ponds found there today were constructed in 1993-1994 after the Bruchez and Hewit-Hawn families donated land to the City of Westminster. While the Hewit-Hawn families had been involved with the site since the 1950s as farm owners and developers, the Bruchez family immigrated to the United States from Switzerland in the 1880s. After living for years in Missouri, the family moved west to farm in the Westminster area in the 1910s and still owned land there by the early 1990s. Since the golf course was developed, the ponds have become scenic highlights of its manicured landscape.

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