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City Park Lake

City Park Lake

City Park Lake is located in central Westminster and is an important scenic and recreational feature of 205-acre City Park.

Situated in the west-central area of the park at West 104th Avenue and Sheridan Boulevard, the lake is just east of Big Dry Creek and the Westminster Promenade. Reaching a maximum depth of 14 feet, the 7.2-acre lake supports a variety of aquatic and wetland birds, along with fish such as bass, crappie and trout. Wetlands, along with cottonwoods, willows and grassed grounds, are found along the shores.

A trail takes visitors around the lake’s perimeter and connects with the Big Dry Creek Trail. From the east side of the lake, visitors are treated to a panoramic view of the Westin Hotel and the foothills beyond.

The large landscaped park surrounding the lake holds two public recreation centers, picnic facilities, soccer and softball fields, a disc golf course, a skate park, multi-use areas and the Armed Forces Tribute GardenBig Dry Creek runs from southwest to northeast just west of the lake, providing a wooded riparian corridor with its own walking and biking trails. The closest access to City Park Lake is gained from a parking lot located north of the soccer fields.

Prior to development of the park, the area where the lake is located consisted of open low-lying ground along Big Dry Creek, bisected by an unnamed wash.

Until the 1980s, the land appears to have been associated with a farmstead located northwest of today’s intersection of West 104th Avenue and Sheridan Boulevard. The fields were likely to have supported crops or were used as pasturage earlier in their history.

In 1982 and 1985, the land for City Park was acquired by the City of Westminster from the Hawn family. City Park Lake was constructed in 1993-1994 as a water feature designed specifically for the park, which was developed at the same time.

In addition to its scenic character and recreational use, the lake serves as a clay-lined retention pond that provides irrigation water for the entire park. Water for the lake used to be drawn from Big Dry Creek. However, it now derives water from a combination of reclaimed city water and stormwater runoff. Overflow runs, as needed, into Big Dry Creek. The lake is aerated to keep it healthy and to support aquatic life.

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