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Westminster: Land of Lakes

A Watery Wonderland Awaits Visitors to the City's Many Lakes

Well, maybe we aren't northern Minnesota, but one of the defining attributes of Westminster is its number of lakes!

Westminster has more than 40 lakes and ponds that are one acre or more in size.

In fact, more than 7 percent of Westminster's land area is covered by water (that's more than 1,400 acres, or 2.4 square miles).

From Standley Lake in the west, Hidden Lake to the south and McKay Lake on the north, lakes give a unique character to various parts of the city. Not surprisingly, here in the arid West, all of Westminster's lakes and ponds are manmade.

Most were built by irrigation companies in the early 1900s to store canal water for agricultural purposes. Mountain snowmelt in the spring and summer is diverted from creeks (primarily Clear Creek near Golden) and conveyed by irrigation ditches to the lakes.

Fortunately, virtually all of Westminster's lakes are open to the public. Most are on city-owned open space, parkland or golf courses, while a few are on private land maintained by a homeowners association. Many have nearby trails that provide access to the lakes.

The city hired historian Ron Sladek of Tatanka Historical Associates Inc. to prepare historical information on Westminster's lakes.

Get out and enjoy Westminster's watery wonderland!

Brauch Reservoirs (Hyland Ponds Open Space)

Bull Reservoir

Carroll Butts Park Lake

City Park Lake

College Pond

Cottonwood Pond

Faversham Lake

Heron Pond

Hidden Lake

Hyland Hills Golf Course Ponds

Jackson Lake

Jim Baker Reservoir

Ketner Lake

Legacy Ridge Golf Course Ponds

Loon Lake

Lower Church Ranch

Margaret's Pond

McKay Lake

Metzger Ponds (Upper and Lower)

Mower Reservoir

Mushroom Farm Pond

Ponds west of Stratford Lakes subdivision

Promenade Lake

Promenade Retention Pond

Ranch Subdivision Pond

Standley Lake

Stratford Lakes


Vogel Pond 

Walnut Creek Golf Preserve Ponds

Walnut Creek Pond

Westfield Pond

Woman Creek Reservoir

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