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Westminster Hills Open Space

Westminster Hills Open SpaceNorthwest corner of Simms Street/100th Avenue. (View more photos in the gallery below)

The 1,027-acre Westminster Hills Open Space is the largest open space in the city. Westminster Hills when combined with abutting Standley Lake Regional Park form an over 3,200 acre natural area. Over 15,000 acres of public land including Rocky Flats National Wildlife Refuge provide a continuous natural and wildlife corridor extending from Simms Street into the foothills four miles to the west. This area is truly Westminster’s “outback!”

Most of Westminster Hills is rolling grassland. There is over 200 feet difference in elevation from the lowest point at the parking lot at 105th Drive/Simms Street to 104th Avenue/Indiana Street. A few trees can be found along the Church Ditch and around Mower Reservoir. After a wet spring, the wild flower display can be beautiful.

A trail forms a loop through the eastern half of the open space and a longer trail dead ends at 11-acre Mower Reservoir. In the future, this trail will be extended into the Rocky Flats National Wildlife Refuge west of Indiana Street. Get more information about the Westminster Hills trail. The Westminster Hills dog park occupies much of the eastern part of the open space which allows dogs to be off-lease if under voice command.

There is a proposal for a regional trail called "Refuge to Refuge Trail" from Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge outside of Commerce City, Colorado to Two Ponds National Wildlife Refuge in Arvada, Colorado up through Standley Lake Regional Park, through Westminster Hills Open Space and into Rocky Flats National Wildlife Refuge.

This vast area supports lots of wildlife including badgers, fox, coyote and the occasional mule deer, elk, mountain lion and black bear. The nearby Standley Lake bald eagles and other raptors hunt eagles here. This open space preserves 3810 feet of frontage along Simms Street, 4,300 feet along Indiana Street and 4,050 feet along 100th Avenue. This property was acquired through various acquisitions in 1988, 1995, 1998, 1999, 2003, 2004, 2006, 2007, and 2011.

To access Westminster Hills Park in the large parking lot on the west side of Simms Street at about 105th Drive.

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