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Wadsworth Wetlands Open Space

Wadsworth WetlandsBoth sides of Wadsworth Parkway at about 94th Avenue.

This open space property is located on both sides of Wadsworth Parkway. The smaller 3.6-acre parcel on the west side protects a wetland area and has 565 feet of frontage along the west side of Wadsworth Parkway.

The 15.7 acre parcel on the east side of Wadsworth Parkway preserves a huge cattail filled wetland. Several huge cottonwood trees are located on the north and east side of the wetland. Thickets of willows are common. This virtually impenetrable tangle of growth provides excellent habitat for larger mammals like fox and coyotes. Redwing blackbirds nest in the cattails. The open space has 725 feet of frontage along the east side of Wadsworth Parkway. The property was acquired in 2001 and 2005.

This open space has no official trails. The south side of the open space is drier and the best place to walk and bird watch. Eventually, the city plans to reroute the Farmers’ High Line Canal Trail though this open space.

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