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Shay Ditch Open Space

Location: South of 150th Avenue between Huron Street and I-25

This 22.6-acre open space property hugs the most northern border of the City of Westminster and forms an open space buffer between Westminster and Broomfield immediately to the north. It also forms an attractive green “welcome mat” to southbound motorists along I-25. 

This open space area contains the storm water detention pond for The Orchard Town Center. Storm water falling on the Orchard site is piped to this pond when the water is retained to avoid downstream flooding. This also allows the water to infiltrate into the soil and support a robust wetland plant community.

The I-25 Trail extends across this open space between Huron Street at 150th Avenue to I-25 at 148th Avenue, a distance of about one mile. A secondary trail goes along the north and east edge of the detention pond forming a nice loop trail. Low water-usage trees, shrubs and grasses are planted throughout the open space.

The best place to park to access this open space is at the intersection of 148th Avenue and Fox Street. Go north from here along the west side of the Lifetime Fitness facility to reach the trail.


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