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Westminster features a wide variety of open space areas laced throughout the city. Each page in this section provides an in-depth perspective on the natural beauty and recreational opportunities to be found throughout the 3,050 acres of open space in Westminster.

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Looking for an in-depth perspective on the natural beauty and recreational opportunities to be found throughout the more than 3,050 acres of open space in Westminster? Check out these helpful guides to the city's open space offerings!

Westminster: Land of Lakes - A guided tour of the various lakes and ponds that dot the Westminster open space.

The Hills  (and great views!) of Westminster - Looking for the best view in the city? This article tells you where to go.

Westminster's Wild Kingdom - The city's open space provides a haven for a surprising range of wildlife. Learn more in this in-depth feature.

Bird Watching - Westminster features great locations for bird watching. With acres of “green space," which cover about one-third of the city’s land area, it is no wonder that Westminster attracts many species of birdlife.

Westminster's Outback - Westminster has access to wide open spaces. No other city in metropolitan Denver has five miles of public land between its western edge and the foothills. Over 43,000 acres of property both within and abutting Westminster preserve this amazing ecosystem.

Beyond Westminster

Beyond Westminster Hills to the west of Indiana is the Rocky Flats National Wildlife Refuge. This 6,250-acre wildlife refuge was previously the Rocky Flats nuclear weapons plant (learn more about the plant cleanup). The refuge is managed by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. These lands will allow future connections from the Westminster open space properties from Indiana Street on the east, Highway 128 on the north and Highway 93 on the west.

North of Westminster Hills is the City and County of Broomfield Open Space, including 735 acres surrounding Great Western Reservoir. North of the Rocky Flats National Wildlife Refuge is the City of Boulder's 1,000-acre Southern Grassland Open Space. West of Highway 93, the City of Boulder has preserved 1,000 acres in the northwest corner of Highway 93 and Highway 72, and Jefferson County has preserved 2,807 acres along the foothills and the mountain backdrop included in the Coal Creek Canyon Open Space, including the Ransom-Edwards Homestead Ranch.

The City of Boulder Open Space Program was the first publicly funded preservation program in the state. Jefferson County Open Space Program came shortly thereafter when it was approved by the voters in 1972. The City of Westminster Open Space Program followed as the second city in the state to create such a tax-based preservation program. The results can be seen as you look west from anywhere in the city.

A land transfer of Section 16 open space, 617 acres, from Jefferson County, Boulder, Boulder County and other government entities to Rocky Flats National Wildlife Refuge went through in December 2012. Section 16 was traded for a 300 foot easement on the east side of Rocky Flats which will be used for the new Jefferson Parkway. The property, located at the south west corner of Rocky Flats and adjacent to Highway 93, was previously owned by the Colorado State Land Board.

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