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North Hylands Creek Open Space

Middle Hylands Creek Open SpaceNortheast corner of 104th Avenue/Sheridan Boulevard

This wonderfully scenic 20.4-acre open space provides over 2,400 feet of frontage along 104th Avenue, between Sheridan Boulevard and Legacy Ridge Parkway. This interesting creek valley is shared between open space and the signature 13th-hole of the Legacy Ridge Golf Course. The views across the open space toward the mountains along westbound 104th Avenue are stunning! Walk along the 104th Avenue sidewalk for a better, more relaxed view of the open space. This sidewalk is a part of the Farmers’ High Line Canal Trail.

Several solitary or clumps of trees eke out moisture along the creek and along the hillside to the south. These trees provide nesting and perching locations for raptors, including the locally famous rare, white-colored red-tail hawk. This is actually a leucistic red-tailed hawk. Leucism is a genetic mutation which causes most, but not all, pigment cells to turn white. In this case, the hawk actually has two brown tail feathers and is not totally white. A sculpture of the bird can be found by the Legacy Ridge Golf Course driving range. This open space was acquired in 1992 and 2010. A portion of this open space was adopted from the golf course in 2009.

To access this open space, park at the parking lot on the east side of Legacy Ridge Parkway, just north of 104th Avenue by the Margaret’s Pond Open Space. Walk west along the sidewalk on the north side of 104th Avenue and then west along 104th Avenue.

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