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Middle Hylands Creek Open Space

Southeast and southwest of 104th Avenue/Sheridan Boulevard.

This open space preserves the Middle Hylands Creek corridor on both sides of Sheridan Boulevard south of 104th Avenue. The 1.4-acre parcel to the east of Sheridan Boulevard helps to preserve the unique open quality of the Sheridan Boulevard/104th Avenue intersection and was acquired in 2000.

The 14.7-acre parcel to the west of Sheridan Boulevard preserves over 2,520 feet of open space frontage along 104th Avenue and 300 feet along Sheridan Boulevard. This property was acquired in 1996. Much of the creek was completely rebuilt in 2008 to restore the severely eroding creek channel. Several huge boulders help to create the water falls, especially after heavy rains. The construction area has been completely revegetated. The 104th Avenue sidewalk was rebuilt at the same time and allows for great views into the creek valley.

North Hylands Creek flows under 104th Avenue and into the Middle Hylands Creek just west of Sheridan Boulevard. South Hylands Creek flows into Middle Hylands Creek just south of the drainage structure and trail underpass under 104th Avenue. The water in these creeks is surprisingly clear.

To access this open space, park on the north side of 104th Avenue at City Park in the parking lot for the east side of Christopher Fields Softball Complex and use the 104th Avenue pedestrian underpass.

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