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Metzger Farm Open Space

Photo Courtesy: Tim Seibert (View a complete photo gallery below)
Metzger FarmNortheast corner of 120th Avenue/Lowell Boulevard.

This 152-acre open space is owned by the Broomfield/Westminster Open Space Foundation and was acquired in 2006 from the Metzger family. The City of Westminster contributed $5,004,850 and City and County of Broomfield contributed $3,992,650 towards this $11,000,000 acquisition. The remainder was contributed by the Adams County Open Space Program and Great Outdoors Colorado. The property is located within Westminster, but is bordered on the west and north by Broomfield.
The Metzger Farm is a crown jewel of Westminster’s open space program. The property has unique natural areas as well as a rich history. Hidden from view are two scenic ponds. The smaller 1.11-acre upper pond is mostly a cattail-filled wetland. The 4.05-acre lower pond is deep enough to support fish. Both ponds attract a wide variety of water fowl including ducks, Canadian Geese, white egrets, great blue herons, night crested herons and pelicans. A great blue heron rookery (group nesting area) is located in cottonwood trees at the southeast edge of the lower pond. Learn more about the Metzger Ponds. 
East of the lower pond is the Big Dry Creek riparian area. Huge cottonwood trees create a beautiful shady environment. Owls and hawks are attracted to this area.

The farm house and nine farm outbuildings line the north side of the two ponds. The farm was mostly used as a cattle grazing operation by the Metzger family, although dairy cows were kept at one point.

John and Betty Metzger bought the farm in 1943, which at the time totaled 320 acres. John was a lawyer and Betty a stay-at-home mom to their two children, Bill and Karen.

John served as the Attorney General for the State of Colorado between 1948 and 1951. He ran unsuccessfully for governor in 1952.

In 2005, the City of Westminster and City and County of Broomfield purchased the 152-acre Metzger Farm property, located at the northeast corner of 120th Avenue and Lowell Boulevard, for open space. The Broomfield-Westminster Open Space Foundation was created by the two governments to jointly manage the open space property. A master plan for the property was approved in 2010.

In November 2012, the Metzger Farm Open Space celebrated its opening to the public (see video below). Today, the public can enjoy over two miles of trails, a trailhead parking lot, a fishing dock, wildlife viewing deck and a bridge connection to the Big Dry Creek Trail.

In May 2013, the site was listed on the State and National Register of Historic Places.

View the Metzger Farm Open Space Master Plan

View the Metzger Farm Open Space Master Plan Map

View the Metzger Farm Open Space Master Plan Additional Maps - Natural recources, farmstead plan, opportunities and considerations.

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