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Margaret’s Pond Open Space

Margaret's PondNortheast corner of Legacy Ridge Parkway/104th Avenue. View a complete photo gallery below.

Idyllic 2.3-acre Margaret’s Pond is the focal point of this 10.5-acre open space within the Legacy Ridge Golf Course community. This pond was built as a water source for livestock in the early 1900s when the property was a part of a ranch. The pond is filled by a combination of water from the Farmers’ High Line Canal which nearly encircles the pond as well as stormwater from the abutting golf course and development.

Several huge cottonwood trees are located on the north side of the pond as well as along the Farmers’ High Line Canal. Cattails and willow trees line the shoreline. Dense stands of native wild plums provide excellent wildlife habitat and a wonderful fragrance when they bloom.

The pond attracts lots of wildlife including ducks, Canadian Geese, redwing blackbirds, turtles, muskrats and beavers. Cormorants, a water bird, perch on the solitary dead cottonwood tree next to Legacy Ridge Parkway.

A path covered with shredded bark is located on the north, east and south side of the pond. The path hugs the edge of the canal and connects with the sidewalk along Legacy Ridge Parkway to form a half mile trail loop. A small parking area is available along Legacy Ridge Parkway.

Margaret’s Pond is not regularly stocked with fish. However, small bluegills populate the pond and are easy to catch. Margaret’s Pond is a great fishing spot for children.

Margaret’s Pond is a relatively new name given to the pond. Bill Kearney, son-in-law to Hawn family, one of the two owners of the Margaret’s Pond land since 1953, named the pond after his sister. The pond was purchased by the city for open space in 1992.

Photo: Courtesy Mike Smith

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