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Wick Silo


Wick Hill Farm, Semper, Colorado


Standing today on the lawn of a Village Inn restaurant at 9000 Yukon Street  (click for mapped location), the Wick Silo, a lovely old stacked lumber silo silently observes the comings and Wick Silogoings of busy suburban Westminster.  Why is it there?


The silo was built by a prolific immigrant farm family headed by John and Mary Wick.  The Wicks raised four children and farmed on "Wick Hill" from 1905 until 1930.  They raised dairy cattle, bees, and specialty fowl and experimented with grain crops, flowers and fruit trees.  After two wooden stave silos were destroyed by wind, John built the fourteen-sided stacked lumber silo around 1912, which withstood the elements for decades thereafter.


In the early 1970s, the area that was once the Wick farm was developed into a residential neighborhood, stores, restaurants and offices.   Since the silo was an important visual reminder of the agricultural heritage of the area, the developers moved the silo about 250 feet from its original location to its present home at 90th and Wadsworth.  It stands where the Wick farmhouse once stood.


For a detailed history of the Wick family, Click Here.


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