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Wesley Chapel Cemetery

Wesley Chapel Cemetery120th Avenue and Huron Street (click for map)
Now demolished historic Wesley Chapel
Wesley Chapel Cemetery is a remnant of the early days of Adams County and the Westminster area, serving as the burial ground of many of the rural agricultural district’s pioneers from approximately 1891 through 1939. Originally the cemetery was associated with a church, the Wesley Chapel, which occupied the now-vacant space between 120th Ave. and the graves to the north, from approximately 1891 to 1934. While the church was removed decades ago, the cemetery that emerged behind the building remained in place and persevered amidst the surrounding suburban development of the late 1900s and early 2000s. Today it remains a landmark that reminds area residents and visitors of Westminster’s early rural history. 

Wesley Chapel Cemetery was first dedicated as a family graveyard in October 1891 with the death of 37-year-old Francis Moxley from tuberculosis. He was buried on the Moxley farm in Arapahoe County (later Adams County) north of Denver. This area of the farm, in its extreme southwest corner, was located near the intersection of two county roads, the east-west of which (now 120th Ave.) was known as the “Broomfield Highway.”  This family cemetery was soon dedicated as a cemetery for the larger community.  The wood frame Morey Chapel (later renamed Wesley Chapel) was constructed just south of the cemetery around 1891-1892 and became a community gathering place for the surrounding agricultural region.

Wesley Chapel Cemetery groundsTwo Union Civil War veterans (Ambrose Langston and Theodore Hutchinson) are buried in the cemetery.

The Wesley Chapel Cemetery Association, composed of surviving family members, continued to own and maintain the site throughout the remainder of the 1900s. In the final decades of the century, the rural area surrounding Wesley Chapel Cemetery was incorporated into the City of Westminster and began to experience intensive suburban development. Before long the site was bordered by improved streets, along with apartments, offices, condominiums, restaurants, parking lots, a hotel, and a shopping center. Developers attempting to purchase the site for redevelopment were rebuffed by the cemetery association. To ensure future maintenance and that the burial ground remain historic and undeveloped, the association donated the site to the City of Westminster in 2001.

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