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Union High School

Union High School3455 W. 72nd Ave. (click for map)

Historic photo of Union High SchoolUnion High School was built in 1929, with a later addition and a shop building added in 1939. The building served as the first high school for the Westminster community and functioned in that capacity from 1929 to 1949. The establishment of the school was an issue of some contention as three existing school districts vied for the distinction of hosting the new school. Eventually the three districts agreed to jointly fund the construction and operation of the high school and to create a new school district for its administration. The school constructed the 1939 gymnasium and classroom additions by taking advantage of the Public Works Administration (PWA), a New Deal era Program designed to lower unemployment and stimulate the economy through construction of Union High School building present day usepublic works projects.


The Union High School building is currently part of a larger educational complex known as the Alternative Center of Education. Other buildings in the complex include the Westminster Elementary School (listed on the National Register of Historic Places) and the 1949 Westminster High School building.


For more information on the Union High School, download the National Register of Historic Places registration form .




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