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Red & White Grocery Store

Red & White Grocery Store3947-3949 West 73rd Avenue  (Click for map)

Red and White Grocery StoreThe Red & White Grocery Store at 3949 W. 73rd Ave. was built in 1908 by Dawson & Bristol and operated as a hardware and lumber store. Dawson & Bristol Hardware ushered the way for commercialization of the 73rd and Bradburn area and predates surrounding buildings, including the Westminster Grange Hall.  The building was later sold to Mr. Stuckey, who operated a lumber yard until the mid 1920s. In 1918 Bradburn Blvd. was renamed in honor of Donald Bradburn, a nephew of the Stuckey family, the first resident of Westminster killed in World War I. 
The east addition, now addressed 3947 W. 73rd, was built by Mr. Stuckey, circa 1923, and Roy Miller operated the city's first garage and car repair shop at this address. At one time an ice cream parlor operated in this unit, but historically its uses have mostly been residential.
In 1933, Carl and Marguerite L. Hawkinson moved to Westminster and opened the Red & White Grocery building.  The Hawkinsons moved from Platner, Colorado, where Marguerite taught school and Carl was in the grocery business with his brother.   Due to a Depression-era bank failure in Platner, the grocery closed and the Hawkinsons moved to Westminster.
The Hawkinsons lived in the residential quarters on the east side.  Around 1931 the town library was moved to a corner of the store and run under Librarian Mrs. Willard Perry until 1937, when it was moved to the Westminster Community Church. Westminster water bill payments were collected at the Red & White Grocery Store by Carl Hawkinson during his service as town treasurer.  Groceries were sold from 1933 to 1954.


In 1954, the Hawkinsons rented the building to Francis M. Day, and Carl and Francis operated an auto insurance and drivers license office.  They were both very active in Westminster civic affairs.  With others, Carl helped organize the Westminster Volunteer Fire Department. Carl was a charter member of the Westminster Lions Club in 1946, and both were members of the Westminster Grange and Presbyterian Church. 
Carl died after a fire in his home in 1959. He collapsed after successfully entering
the building to retrieve town records.  In 1960, Spudnut Doughnuts opened in the
buildings.  From 1978 to 1990, it was occupied by Mizell Trains.   Marguerite Hawkinson died in 2003.


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