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Westminster Farms - Northeast Region

A Journey Through Westminster’s Agricultural Heritage – Northeast RegionNortheast Region map

  • Metzger Farm
  • The Ranch (Marion Farm)
  • Fonay Barn
  • Wesley Chapel Cemetery
  • Savery Savory Mushroom Farm
  • Metzger FarmMetzgar farm buildings reflecitng on water






    The Metzger farm is the most complete intact family farm remaining within Westminster.  The farm was owned by the Metzger family from 1943 until 2006 when the 152-acre farm was purchased by the Broomfield-Westminster Open Space Foundation, an organization formed and funded by the City and County of Broomfield and the City of Westminster.  It is located northwest of West 120th Avenue and Lowell Boulevard.

    John and Betty Metzger and their two children Karen and Bill lived on the farm.  John was the Attorney General for Colorado from 1948 to 1951 and was a successful attorney, businessman and “gentleman farmer.”  Scottish Short Horned cattle were raised on the farm.

    The farm includes a total of 10 buildings clustered along the north side of the two farm ponds on the property.   The farm is not yet open to the public.The Ranch barn and windmill

    The Ranch Barn and Windmill

    This iconic barn and windmill are located on Ranch Open Space near the southwest corner of Pecos Street and 120th Avenue. The barn was restored and moved about 150 feet to the north of its original location by the City in 1998 to prevent it from being demolished. An office building was subsequently constructed on the original barn site.

    The barn and windmill were a part of the Marion family farm which existed in the general area prior to the development of the Ranch Country Club and residential development.  The barn is owned by the City and is used by horses that graze on the Ranch Open Space.

    Fonay BarnFonay Barn

    There is a wooden barn located on the east side of Huron Street at about 141st Avenue. The barn is a remnant of Fonay farmstead and probably built in the early 1900’s.  The barn is built without nails, using wood pegs. The barn will be relocated about a quarter mile to the east as part of the proposed Orchard Park Place business park development.  The barn will be rehabilitated and permanently protected at its new location.

    Jacob Frey headstoneWesley Chapel Cemetery

    Wesley Chapel Cemetery, located northeast of West 120th Avenue and Huron Street, is a remnant of the early days of Adams County and the Westminster area, serving as the burial ground of many of the rural agricultural district’s pioneers from approximately 1891 through 1939. Originally the cemetery was associated with a church, the Wesley Chapel, which occupied the now-vacant space between 120th Avenue and the graves to the north, from approximately 1891 to 1934. While the church was removed decades ago, the cemetery that emerged behind the building remained in place and persevered amidst the surrounding suburban development of the late 1900s and early 2000s. Today it remains a landmark that reminds area residents and visitors of Westminster’s early rural history.    The Wesley Chapel Cemetery Association conveyed the cemetery to the City in 2000 and it is maintained as a historical landmark, not an active cemetery.Restored Savery Savory Mushroom Farm Water Tower

    Savery Savory Mushroom Farm Water Tower
    A prominent visual landmark at West 110th and Federal Blvd. is the circa 1925 Savery Savory Mushroom Farm Water Tower, the only intact remnant of what was originally an extensive collection of buildings, structures and other features that made up the corporate agricultural facility owned and operated by Colorado's "mushroom magnate," Charles William Savery, from 1923 through 1953. The tower is owned and maintained by the City of Westminster, but the site around the tower is a park owned and maintained by the Savory Farm subdivision. Visitors to the site should observe rules posted by the homeowners association and be mindful of the residential location of the tower.

    The tower is a local Westminster historic landmark and is also listed on the Colorado State Register of Historic Properties.  Much of the farm was located south of the tower and is City open space.


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