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Architectural Inventory Forms

State of Colorado Architectural Inventory Forms, National Register Properties, Westminster Local Landmarks.

This page provides the address and Smithsonian site number for properties in Westminster that are listed on the National Register of Historic Places, are designated as Westminster local landmarks, or which have been included in historic architecture surveys by the City or other entities (such as CDOT or RTD).   (Note: Some sites may have been surveyed in the past and included in the database of the State Historic Preservation Office without the knowledge of the City.  These sites will be added to the following archive as they become known to the City.)

These spreadsheets are organized by address and by site numbers and are searchable.  Each address links to the inventory form that contains photos and more information on the property.  Each inventory form states on the first page whether the survey professional concluded that the property was eligible for designation as a local landmark, or eligible for the National Register of Historic Places.  This conclusion is a professional opinion only and does not cause the property to be nominated as a historic landmark.  If the owner is interested in pursuing designation, the owner should contact City staff for assistance:   Planner Patrick Caldwell, 303 658 2090, pcaldwel@cityofwestminster.us.

City of Westminster, Colorado
State of Colorado Architectural Inventory Site Forms, NRHP nominations and Local Landmark Nominations
List by Smithsonian Trinomial Number

Codes are as follows:  FE - Field Eligible for National Register of Historic Places
                                  FNE - Field Not Eligible for NRHP
                                  LLE - Westminster Local Landmark Eligible
                                  LLD - Designated Westminster Local Landmark
                                  SR - State Register Eligible
                                  ND - Needs Data
                                  DEMO - Demolished

Jefferson County Properties

5JF465 10290 Wadsworth Blvd.
5JF520 10850 Wadsworth Blvd.

List by Smithsonian Trinomial Number

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