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Historic Resource Surveys

In order to plan for the protection and preservation of its historic resources, a community must first inventory and evaluate those resources that remain. Effective preservation planning cannot take place until there is sufficient knowledge of the number, location and significance of historic resources.  This survey work is done for educational and documentation purposes and does not affect the status of any of the properties that are surveyed. It helps inform owners about the significance of their property, but does not list the properties as a landmark or designate historic districts.

Many historic buildings are scattered throughout the city and have not yet been surveyed. Also, the significance of some homes will become apparent in the future after the owners do more in-depth research on the historical associations and events that may be connected with a particular property.  If you own a home or business property that you believe is historically significant and still looks the way it did when first built, you can learn more about how to nominate your property for historic landmark designation by reviewing Benefits and How to Apply

You can also ask City staff to review your property's architecture and history and discuss with you whether a landmark nomination would be a good idea.  Finally, city staff can explain how the landmark nomination procedure works and how the income tax credits can be used to benefit your property. For further information, contact  Planner Patrick Caldwell, pcaldwel@cityofwestminster.us, 303 658 2090.

Note Concerning Historic Districts

There are areas in the older neighborhoods that may be considered "local historic districts."  A few of these areas were outlined in the 2007 Survey Report but there is no historic district program currently embodied in the Westminster Municipal Code.   If you own property within one of these possible historic districts and would like to discuss the possibilities for celebrating the history of your block by a form of district designation, contact Planner Patrick Caldwell, pcaldwel@cityofwestminster.us, 303 658 2090.

Historic Resources Surveys Completed to Date

The City has completed the following survey projects:

Jefferson County Historic Resources (west of Sheridan Boulevard)  
In 2008-09, twenty-nine properties in the Jefferson County side of Westminster were studied, resulting in the Westminster Selective Intensive Survey – Jefferson County (Bunyak & Associates, June 2009.  Many of these properties have an agricultural past, with many outbuildings.  This survey studied the historical context of the Jefferson County portion of Westminster and described well over 100 principal structures and outbuildings on these 29 properties.    This survey was funded by the Certified Local Government grant program of the Colorado Historical Society. View the State of Colorado Architectural Inventory Forms Directory to find individual property inventory forms.

Harris Park & Pillar of Fire neighborhoods, Transportation resources (gas stations and motel hotels)
The Harris Park & Pillar of Fire Neighborhoods, Transportation Resources Survey Report (July 9, 2007) included many buildings in the Harris Park area (West 72nd to 80th Avenue, Lowell Boulevard to Quitman Street) and in the neighborhoods south and west of the Pillar of Fire (Westminster University) campus near West 82nd Avenue and Lowell Boulevard. The 141 properties were selected for survey based on their early date of construction and then were studied by Deon Wolfenbarger, a historic architecture consultant, to review the type of architecture and whether the building still had "integrity," meaning that original features such as siding, windows and building configuration had been maintained so the building still conveyed the visual story of the neighborhood when the house was first built. The significance of people and events associated with the building were also researched where possible.  The "transportation resources" were gas stations and motor hotels that played a role in the history of the automobile in Westminster.

Not all historical properties in the Harris Park and Pillar of Fire neighborhood could be surveyed and will be part of future survey projects. This survey was funded by the Certified Local Government grant program of the Colorado Historical Society.

The results of the survey may be reviewed in the Survey Report.  The detailed appendices include:

A:  Surveyed Properties By Address 
B:  Maps of Surveyed Resources 
     Pillar of Fire Neighborhood
     Harris Park Neighborhood (north of West 76th Avenue)
     Harris Park Neighborhood (south of West 76th Avenue)
C:  Surveyed Properties by State Resource Number 
D:  Surveyed Properties Associated With Historic Contexts 
E:  Potential National Register Eligible Properties 
F:  Potential Local Landmark Eligible Properties 
G:  Potential Local Historic Districts 
      Pillar of Fire Historic Districts
      Harris Park Historic District and Wilson Court Historic District
H:  Westminster Criteria for Landmark Designation
I:   Surveyed property reports - Reports on the 145 properties surveyed (NOTE: this is a large file - 45 MB - and may take some time to download).

State of Colorado Architectural Inventory Forms on all properties are available for research at City offices, the Westminster Historical Society and City libraries (contact Patrick Caldwell, pcaldwel@cityofwestminster.us, for more information on inventory forms).

2010 Reconnaissance Survey of Pillar of Fire Structures and Historical Context
The Pillar of Fire Campus / Westminster University has been an important part of the Westminster community. Westminster University is the namesake for the metropolitan suburb of Denver, and its long history is a mix of religion, education, and local urban lore, as well as being the last large tract of land of historic interest north of Denver. Being an area of high historical interest for Westminster, the core campus area remains un-annexed, mainly under the jurisdiction of unincorporated Adams County. Learn more about this Nationally Registered Historic Landmark, its history and the buildings that still remain on this property, researched and written by Justin Price, Metropolitan State College of Denver Intern and long-time Westminster resident.

Pillar of Fire Survey Report
Individual Pillar of Fire Property Survey Forms

2005 Survey Plan

In 2005 the Westminster Historic Landmark Board commissioned the Historic Resources Survey to provide an estimate of the number and location of historic resources, and to provide a blueprint for future historic survey activities in Westminster over the next several years. By establishing survey criteria and survey priorities, the Historic Resources Survey Plan will provide a planned, comprehensive approach to the identification and evaluation of Westminster's historic resources. By logically and systematically planning for the identification and evaluation of these resources, survey activities can be completed more economically and quickly.

Download a copy of the Historic Resources Survey Plan and its appendices.  The Survey Plan was funded by the Certified Local Government grant program of the Colorado Historical Society.

The City's projects were funded by the Certified Local Government grant program of the Colorado Historical Society.

For more information on the city's historic resources survey program, contact Planner Patrick Caldwell, pcaldwel@cityofwestminster.us, 303-658-2090.

Architectural Inventory Forms

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