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Mariposa, Surgido

Location: Southwest corner of Lowell Boulevard and Turnpike Drive.
Sculptor: Thomas J. Moran,  Onaway, Michigan (www.moraniron.com).
Year Installed: 2011.
How Acquired: This sculpture was commissioned and paid for by the City of Westminster.
Comments: The sculptures name, “Mariposa, Surgido” means “butterfly emerged” in Spanish. This butterfly sculpture was custom fabricated for the city. The butterfly’s body, legs and antennae are stainless steel. The wings are made of stainless steel with copper and brass highlights. The massive wood limb on which the butterfly sits is made of carbon steel bars welded together, then “air arc” treated to create a wood appearance. Different chemical treatments of the metals were used to create a green patina on the leaves and to develop the wood-colored patina on the butterfly’s perch. The butterfly is sitting on a large tree branch. The sculpture measures 10 feet tall from the base of the tree branch to the top of the butterfly. Several colorful rose bushes encircle the sculpture, which is located in an attractive landscaped plaza.

Mariposa, Surgido photo

Mariposa, Surgido closeup

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