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Crate Labels

Location: Orchard Town Center – 144th Avenue/I-25 across from J.C. Penney.
Artist: Bill Anderson, Bradbury, California (website external link).
Year Installed: 2008.
How Acquired: Purchased by the developer to fulfill the city’s public art requirements.

A total of four artistic interpretations of apple crate labels are installed on a wall facing Delaware Street, just north of the pedestrian-only part of The Orchard Town Center. These are whimsical graphics of make-believe apple growers and apple brands. The inspiration of these crate labels is Westminster’s history as an apple growing region in the early to mid 1900’s. At one time, more than 800 acres of Westminster were covered in apple orchards.

The plaque on the wall by these crate labels reads: "These murals were inspired by apple crate labels that would have been sent around the country and the world. The style was pulled from old crate labels and the colors are from the Arts and Craft movement."

Apple Crate Art


“Diving Girl Brand Apples - Packing and Shipped by F.C. Colorado Selling Organization” This is an inside joke. The “F.C. Colorado” refers to Forest City Colorado, which is the development group which developed The Orchard Town Center.








Apple Crate Art“Colorado Mountain Apples, Forest City and Company, Westminster Colorado” This rather odd label juxtaposes a gigantic apple next to what looks like a California sequoia or redwood tree. The “apple grower,” Forest City, is a reference to the developer of The Orchard Town Center.








“A Sure Shot to Finest Quality, Jones Brand Apples, Grown by B. Jones & Co. - Colorado” On this label, William Tell is about to attempt to hit an apple with an arrow as the apple balances on the head of a boy. B. Jones is a reference to Brian Jones who was the head of the Los Angeles office of Forest City, the developer of The Orchard Town Center. Brian was a truly visionary leader who supported the high quality design architecture and building materials very evident in The Orchard Town Center.







Apple Crate Art“Rose Brand Apples, D. Hill Packing and shipping, Westminster, Colorado, Produce of U.S.A” Two beautiful pink roses grace this packing crate label. D. Hill is reference to Dan Hill who was the project manager of The Orchard Town Center project for the developer, Forest City.