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Wild Westminster

Name: Wild Westminster

Location: This mural is painted on the retaining wall on the east side of the Big Dry Creek Trail underpass at U.S. 36, west of Westminster Boulevard at about 102nd Avenue.

Artist: David Ocelotl Garcia, Aurora, Colorado (website)

How acquired: The City of Westminster funded this mural

Year installed: 2016

Comments: This expansive mural is painted on the concrete retaining wall for the underpasses which conveys both Big Dry Creek and the Big Dry Creek Trail under U.S. 36. On the north retaining wall is a huge frog, which appears to be looking for its next meal in nearby Big Dry Creek! Between the two tunnels, three foxes are frolicking in the wild flowers. A colorful chipmunk is painted on the south retaining wall. 
Background on the artist:
David Ocelotl Garcia began his journey as an artist from the day he was given life. Through self-meditation and creative exploration, he developed his own technique and philosophy on painting and sculpture. He calls it Abstract Imaginism. This technique allows David to explore many aspects of life including spirituality, science, history, tradition and nature. David’s practice of this philosophy has taught him to honor his ancestors, friends, family and his community. In addition, he has learned that it is important to respect the earth and strive to live equally, in harmony with all living things; to be one with the elements that create life. The purpose of his art is not only for visual beauty but also for visual education. David creates it to enlighten the mind, body and soul of the viewer.

Through these expressions he is able to explore his own past, rich in tradition, art, music and dance. David expresses current events happening in his life, his community and around the world. David’s art is continuously evolving and moving in new directions paralleled by the energy of life that surrounds him. One of his most recent projects is a mural commission for the City of Denver and is located at La Raza/Columbus Park. This mural, measuring 7 feet by 200 feet depicts the rich history, cultural diversity and social movement of the community. It takes the viewer on a creative journey from the past, to the present and into the future.




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