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Westminster Obelisk

Location: Westminster Center Park bounded by 92nd Avenue, City Center Drive, 93rd Avenue and Xavier Street.
Artist: Andy Dufford with Darin Schulte and Vince Emmer, Denver Colorado (website).
Year Installed: 2010.
How Acquired: Funded by the City of Westminster as a part of the construction of the Westminster City Center Park.
Comments: This piece was inspired by Cleopatra’s Needle, an Egyptian obelisk located in the City of Westminster, England which is a part of the London Metropolitan area.  The obelisk is one of three relocated from their original sites in Egypt to Paris, London, and New York.  In 1819, Mohammad Ali, who was the ruler of Egypt, presented the London obelisk to the United Kingdom.

The obelisk in the park is constructed with perforated metal.  At night, the obelisk is internally illuminated and light shines through the many small holes and causes the tower to glow!  The obelisk is set in the midst of a London-themed playground complete with a River Thames, a street layout of London and Captain Hook’s pirate ship.

Westminster Obelisk

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