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Westminster City Hall Public Art

(Southeast corner of 92nd Avenue/Yates Street)

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Several outdoor public art pieces have been installed at the Westminster City Hall Complex and the Westminster Center Park which span 92nd Avenue east of Yates Street/City Center Drive. The largest concentration of sculptures is located due west of City Hall and east of Yates Street. These pieces are located within a shaded area along winding sidewalks. All of the pieces are made of bronze and depict animals or children. 

These pieces include:  

Ichabod Fox 
Jungle Gym 
No Free Lunch 
Precious Moments 
Promise of the Prairie 

A signature monumental sized bronze sculpture of a pioneer family entitled “Promise of the Prairie” is located within the lawn area just to the south east of the tall bell tower.

Westminster Center Park also has a signature art piece with a London theme to complement the extensive nearby Peter Pan playground. The Westminster Obelisk evokes Cleopatra’s Needle in London and harkens to the similarly shaped City Hall Bell tower just south across 92nd Avenue.

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