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Totem Poles

Location: In Kensington Park at the southeast corner of Countryside Drive and Moore Street.
Artist: Carl Muggli, Ray, Minnesota (website).
Year Installed: August 2007.
How Acquired: Funded by the City of Westminster.
Comments: The three colorful totem poles are nested into a wooded park of Kensington Park and loom over a fire pit and amphitheater. The following is a description of the totem poles from the April 23, 2007, edition of the Westminster Window: “Each pole is adorned with different symbols of Colorado and the Westminster area. The middle and largest pole features an eagle with wings spread and a Columbine flower stamped on its chest. Other shapes on the poles include frogs, thunderbirds, beavers, coyotes, and eagle nest - to represent Standley Lake - and animals that could be found in or around the city.

Totem Pole Designer Carl Muggli, based in Minnesota, created a watchman to stand tall atop one of the owner’s wealth. The more rings on the watchman’s hat signify more wealth. Staff spent time relaying to Muggli exactly what features would best suit the city.”

Totem Poles

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