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Sunny Smiles and Dandelaughter

Name: Sunny Smiles and Dandelaughter

Location: This mural is painted on the retaining wall on the west side of the Big Dry Creek Trail underpass at U.S. 36 west of Westminster Boulevard at about 102nd Avenue.

Artist: Naomi Haverland, Denver, CO (website)

How acquired: The City of Westminster funded this mural

Year installed: 2016

Comments: This eye-catching mural is painted on the concrete retaining wall for the underpass which conveys the Big Dry Creek Trail under U.S. 36. On the north side of the underpass is a person with a toothsome smile. The painting is both cartoonish and realistic, and invites up-close inspection. On the south side of the underpass, the person is holding a dandelion which has gone to seed. The seeds are beginning to blow in the wind. Bold, orange-ish rays focus your attention on the entrance to the underpass. 
Background on the artist:
Naomi Haverland is a painter living in Denver. Born in 1981, she is a native to the state. She enjoys painting, making crafts with her sweet children and dogs, and spending time in the mountains. She works in many mediums, but primarily acrylics, oils and chalk.

She participates in the annual Denver Chalk Art Festival and has won five awards. In 2012, Naomi won the award for “Best Color”; in 2015, “Most Whimsical”; and in 2013, 2014 and 2015 she won the “People’s Choice” award. In the fall, she travels to other chalk festivals nationwide to be a featured artist.

Her most recognizable piece of art, “Hello, My Name is Awsum,” was recreated onto a 30 foot tall building and can be seen for blocks near the 16th street mall in downtown Denver. You can often find Naomi’s work displayed in galleries and restaurants in the Denver area.

big smile 

whole mural


Watch this time lapse video of Sunny Smiles and Dandelaughter being painted:

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