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Orchard Town Center Public Art

(Northwest corner of 144th Avenue/I-25)

View a map of the Orchard Town Center Public Art.

The Orchard Town Center, located at the northwest corner of I-25 and 144th Avenue, has a wonderful variety of public art and design elements incorporated throughout the development. Most of the architecture is described as “prairie style” which is characterized by horizontal building shapes, overhanging hip roofs, and extra wide, narrow bricks. The most famous advocate of the “prairie school of architecture” was architect Frank Lloyd Wright. The prairies style was popular between 1895 and 1920. The arts and craft movement was also popular during this time. The southern part of The Orchard is designed in the “usonian” modern style popular in the 1930’s. 

Four separate architectural firms from Boston, Cleveland, Denver, and San Francisco designed various parts of the center. The public art work is designed to complement the architectural style.

In total, 12 different installations of public art can be found scattered around The Orchard Town Center. The public art and architecture at The Orchard Town Center are truly one of a kind in the world and a feast for the eyes.

The following is a list of the public art installations at The Orchard Town Center:

Ancient Bones
Angler’s Dream
Apple Ceramic Tile Plaques
Apple Sprite
Arts and Crafts Quilt
In Praise of Trees
Mystic Morning
Prints of Pride
Self Made Man

One mile south of The Orchard Town Center there are two large kinetic sculptures which provide a “welcome” to Westminster from I-25 on 136th Avenue. The sculptures are:

The Eagle - Northeast corner of 136th Avenue/Orchard Parkway
The Swallow - Southeast corner of 136th Avenue/Orchard Parkway 

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