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Location: 12285 Pecos Street (entrance drive to skilled nursing facility, west side of Pecos St.).


Artist:  Nestor Fedak, Wheat Ridge, CO  artist website). Nestor Fedak, a first generation Ukrainian born in Michigan, was raised with the language, traditions and history of the Ukrainian culture. His artwork draws on these themes, as well as the natural world, classical art and symbolic images. Working with plastics, stone, metal, wood, glass and lighting. Nestor also enjoys creating art from discarded and repurposed materials.


Year Installed: 2016


How acquired: Purchased by the developer to fulfill the city’s public art dedication requirements.


Comments: The sculpture has a styrofoam core and is covered with a limestone cast material providing a durable surface that can withstand Colorado’s most severe weather. The sculpture is 60 inches tall by 22 inches wide and 10 inches in length.


The following is a statement by the artist about the piece:

Illia, an abstract representation of a female figure, serves to depict the dualistic nature of our beings. The curvaceous and stylized face of the sculpture stands on its own. Behind the carefully crafted and refined façade, you find layers that form the backbone of our true selves. Her overall form is a representation of a design style found in the ancient Trypillian culture of Ukraine, formed over 5,000 years ago. One of the most recognizable aspects of the Trypillian culture is their incredible pottery. Here, a two dimensional design motif has been expanded into a three dimensional form. Her title is taken from the shortened form of Trypillian, hence Illia.

Illia          Illia

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