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Shoenberg Farm

Location: West side of the Westin Hotel, north of 104th Avenue and east of Westminster Boulevard.
Artist: Winsor Fireform Fabrication - Tumwater, Wash.
Year Installed: 2010.
How Acquired: Funded by the City of Westminster.
Comments: The history panel is located at the base of one of sixteen custom-designed light towers.

Panel text:

Shoenberg Farm

Shoenberg Farm stands as an enduring monument to the community service, passion and creativity of early Jewish residents of Colorado.

Philanthropist Louis Shoenberg

Louis Beaumont Shoenberg  became business partners with David May in Leadville, Colorado, in the 1870s.  The May clothing department store chain was founded and Shoenberg amassed a fortune, which he then donated to fund dozens of educational and healthcare causes and institutions across the United States. After the premature death of his son, Dudley, to tuberculosis, he built and donated the Dudley C.
Shoenberg Memorial Farm to Denver’s National Jewish Hospital to provide eggs and dairy products to its patients.

National Jewish Hospital

National Jewish Hospital opened its doors in 1900 and was the first sanatorium in Colorado to treat indigent victims.  Crucial to the hospital’s therapeutic regimen for its patients was an abundant supply of nutritious foods, including large quantities of milk and eggs.

Louis Shoenberg joined the ever-growing list of contributors to the NJH.   He purchased 80 acres in Jefferson County in 1911 and built a farm designed to provide all of the milk and egg products needed by the hospital. Disappointingly, the NJH Board eventually realized that the farm was expensive to run and decided to sell it.

Tepper Era at Shoenberg Farm

Jacob J. Tepper immigrated to the United States in 1903, fleeing political instability in eastern Poland.  He acquired Shoenberg Farm from National Jewish Hospital in 1921.  The shrewd businessman expanded the operations so that not only was the farm able to meet the dairy and poultry needs of NJH, but Shoenberg dairy and poultry products were delivered to restaurants, hotels, hospitals, and schools.  The farm supplied eggs and dairy products to Fitzsimmons Army Hospital and the U.S. Army during World War II and the Korean War.

Today Shoenberg Farm buildings are dedicated to new uses at the southwest corner of West 73rd Avenue and Sheridan Boulevard in Westminster.

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