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Flying High

Location: Bradburn neighborhood, within the traffic circle at Tennyson and Main streets (about 119th Avenue) by Whole Foods.
Artist: Boris Kramer, Harrisburg, Pa. (website)
Year installed: 2015
How acquired: Purchased by the City of Westminster, partially using funds provided by Continuum Partners to fulfill the city’s public art dedication requirements.


This dramatic abstract sculpture of three human figures occupies as the center of a traffic circle in the Bradburn development. The sculpture is 16 feet tall and 18 feet wide. The sculptor fabricated the piece from brass and created an attractive greenish acid patina. The artist, Boris Kramer, provided the following information on the sculpture:

“The piece was inspired by my fascination with the human body in movement from my many years training as a national Canadian gymnast. My father also trained on a “German wheel” and was greatly intrigued with the circus in Germany. There was always an interest in our family with the power of sport and how a healthy body and mind are interconnected. The piece is about balance, not just physical stability but an equilibrium in all of life. The balance is created by figures working together. If one figure is missing, the piece would not function. Our friendships and community contribute to our self-assurance, and we need to be interconnected in order to work and play successfully. The piece is raised on a pyramid to give the figures space. Our spirits can soar when we find our balance and support the balance of others by working together.”



Flying High

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