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City Park Public Art

(Northwest corner of 104th Avenue/Sheridan Boulevard)

Click here for a map of City Park Public Art.

In addition to the many recreational offerings, City Park has some notable public art installations. The Art Wall surrounds the circular drop off area located between the two recreation centers just west of Sheridan Boulevard off of 105th Avenue. There are a total of 18 different scenes depicting Colorado wildlife, all carved from panels of red brick.

The spectacular Armed Forces Tribute Garden is located near 104th Avenue and Big Dry Creek, west of the entrance to City Park. The focal point is the dramatic sculpture entitled “Grieving Friends”. Nearby, is the appealing sculpture of a young baseball player entitled “Young Mitt.”

The following is a list of all of the public art pieces in City Park:

Art Wall: Bear
Art Wall: Bear Cub
Art Wall: Beaver and Geese
Art Wall: Bison and Wolves
Art Wall: Bull and Cow Elk
Art Wall: Deer
Art Wall: Eagle and Nest
Art Wall: Fox and Quail
Art Wall: Jack Rabbits
Art Wall: Mountain Lion
Art Wall: Owl
Art Wall: Pronghorn Antelope
Art Wall: Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep
Art Wall: Sand Hill Cranes
Art Wall: Three Geese
Art Wall: Three Geese in Flight
Art Wall: Three Horses
Art Wall: Trout and Frog
First Mitt – Near Christopher Fields 
Grieving Friends – At Armed Forces Tribute Garden 
Harley II - Along the Big Dry Creek Trail

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