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Westminster History

The city covers 34 square miles and every region has interesting history and local historic landmarks, which are examples of the historic built environment since the 1870s. Read about the city’s landmark program and histories of the agricultural areas that preceded urban development.

The Westminster Historical Society has assembled the following history of how the City of Westminster came into being over the past 150 years.

"Prior to the 1850s, the area that was to become Westminster, Colorado, was inhabited by small herds of buffalo and antelope, and was dotted with small, marshy ponds. There is strong evidence that the Arapahoe indians maintained a semipermanent encampment in the vicinity of Gregory Hill."

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The Early Settlers

The Princeton of the West

The Orchards - Our True Economic Beginning

1920 to 1950


Growth Management

City Services


Bradburn Boulevard

Bell Tower


100th Anniversary

Westminster Historical Society

Additional resources

A Walking Tour of Westminster's Historical Structures - Take a virtual tour of the city's historic structures.

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