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Westminster Center Park Water Features

Northeast Corner of 92nd Avenue/City Center Drive

Water is a primary theme of this wonderful park and playground, which has won many awards and is a favorite spot, especially for families with children. The playground area has a Westminster, England, theme. Westminster is a separate city or borough located in the heart of greater London and is the home of some of London’s most famous landmarks, including Westminster Abbey and Big Ben.

One of the water features in the park is designed to evoke the River Thames, which flows through London. A ribbon of blue meanders through the concrete and contains several pop jet fountains as well as a small area of ponding water near some small boulders. Kids love to splash in this area in the summer and then venture into the nearby Peter Pan-themed playground. Another water feature has several heads of lions spitting water into a pool of water. After dark you will see that the obelisk is illuminated with low-power-usage LED lights, which are on between dusk and dawn. Don’t miss this area!

Westminster Center park water features

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