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Water Conservation

For information on indoor and outdoor water conservation fixtures and appliances, visit the Alliance for Water Efficiency's Resource Library

Toilet problems and dripping water are two common water wasters. Take toilet repair lessons to fix toilet problems and gain a better understanding of what that water drip really means by calculating how much water is being dripped away

Saving Water Indoors -  About 50 percent of the water used in Westminster is used indoors. Fixtures such as toilets and faucets have seen great improvements in water efficiency and performance within the last decade. Appliances such as washing machines and dishwashers have seen similar improvements. 

Westminster, along with the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), are partners in the WaterSense program, to help consumers identify products that save at least 20 percent of the water used by standard products and are tested to perform as well or better. When purchasing water using appliances, look for the WaterSense symbol on the product to ensure you will get the performance and savings you expect. Visit the official WaterSense website.

Residents wishing to replace their existing toilets with high efficiency toilets may refer to the toilet efficiency ratings.

For more information, visit the indoor water conservation page.

Landscape Irrigation Tips - Landscape does not need the same amount of irrigation each month. As we look back at how much irrigation was needed in the past, we can project the future needs. Sprinkler system programs should be modified several times during an irrigation season to reflect watering needs. The easiest way is to set one watering schedule for spring, one for summer and a final schedule for fall.

Here are the numbers - If your lawn needs 1 inch of water per week from mid-June through August (the amount recommended by the Sod Growers Association for an attractive lawn planted in good soil), then spring and fall watering amounts can be cut in half to only ½ inch of water per week.

Using this method, have one program from the beginning of the irrigation season through mid-June. Create a second program for the mid-June through August time period and revert to the water-saving spring program for September through mid-October when most irrigation needs drop to near zero.

Remember, your landscape has specific needs. Watering times may need to be adjusted for your conditions. Start on the low end and adjust up, if needed. Use a straight-sided container like a tuna can to measure the amount of water your system is applying.

Irrigation Tools:

Designing a schedule for your irrigation system

Maintaining your irrigation system

Calculating your lawn water needs

For more information, visit the outdoor watering page.

Free Irrigation Audits - The city has a limited number of free irrigation audits available to residents. An efficient irrigation system saves you water and money, while improving the health of your landscape. An auditor will inspect your yard, soil and irrigation system, highlighting needed improvements and creating a custom watering schedule for your lawn. This program is very popular and fills up each year. To register, visit the Center for Resource Conservation website or call 303-999-3820, ext. 217.

What is Reclaimed Water? - When water goes down the drains in your home or business, the city "recycles" and treats it for irrigation purposes. Use of this "recycled" water does not deplete the city's water supply. That's why parks, businesses, golf courses and other facilities that irrigate with reclaimed water are not bound by watering restrictions. Get information on Westminster's reclaimed water system.

Tree and Plant Care - Get information on proper tree and plant care throughout drought conditions. This information is provided by Community Tree Alliance, which is comprised of tree professionals from city governments, parks districts, Colorado State University Cooperative Extensions, not-for-profit organizations and green industries of Colorado.

Business and Industrial Tools - Visit Colorado Water Wise to conduct an audit of your business and browse the Water Smart Guide for Businesses to learn business specific water conservation ideas. 

More Water Conservation Information

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