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Recycling Drop-Off Locations

All roll-off dumpsters for recycling are now taking single stream content. That means no more separating your recyclables - see below for acceptable materials - just put them all in one dumpster.

All materials collected at the drop-off locations are collected curbside by licensed trash collectors. For your convenience, your curbside trash collector is required to offer recycling to you. 

Recycling locations:

NOTE: Materials are collected DAILY except on Sundays.  Call 303-658-2183 if you have questions regarding these recycling locations.

What is single stream?
All materials as listed below can be placed in the roll-off dumpsters at the above listed locations; no separating necessary!

Paper products 
     Office Paper - including those with staples, windows and sticky backing
     Junk Mail
     Phone Books
     Paper Board (broken down) - none soiled by food or lined with wax
     Card Board (broken down) - none soiled by food or lined with wax

Aluminum cans

Steel and Tin cans - please rinse them first

Plastics Labeled 1-7 - please rinse them first
     This includes: plastic drink bottles, milk jugs, butter tubs, water jugs (Labeled 2 HDPE Natural
     on the bottom), detergent jugs, orange juice jugs labeled 2 HDPE Color on the bottom and 7), 
     plastic blister packaging (Labeled 3) and plastic liter pop bottles (Labeled 1 PETE on the bottom).

     Please remove caps and rinse.

Glass bottles
     Brown, green and clear glass bottles - please remove caps and rinse them first

What we can not recycle - Please do not bring the following to the dumpsters: 
     Plastic bags, large plastic storage tubs, intermingled trash. Check the Hard to Recycle Guide.

For questions or more information about items not listed above, please call Nick Butel at 303-658-2183.

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