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Large Item Clean-up Program


2016 Program Requirements/Guidelines

  • Registration will be open Jan. 4 through April 1.
  • Fee: $30 per household
  • Debris pile must be no larger than 4 feet wide, by 8 feet long, by 4 feet high. Debris amounts in excess of standardized size will not be removed. View a diagram of the pick up size.
  • All items must be marked for “Westminster Clean-up.”
  • Items must be placed parallel with the sidewalk and at the curb, NOT on the driveway.
  • Items must be placed at the curb no later than 7 a.m. on your designated pick-up day (please see the map).
  • Normal household trash will not be removed.
  • Items that are too heavy for two men to lift will not be removed.
  • Secure doors on any item that may pose a safety hazard to small children.
  • Only Westminster resident household debris will be picked up. Business debris, large quantities of construction debris or debris items transported in from outside the city limits will not be picked up.

When is your pick-up day?

Residential neighborhoods will be divided into three areas (unincorporated areas of the city are not picked up). All items should be placed at the curb, separate from your normal weekly household trash, no later than 7 a.m. Items will be picked up for each area ONLY on the area specific date. Items stacked in the driveway or in the yard will not be removed.

View the area map to find your pick-up day or use this interactive map to type in your address and find out what area you are in.

Area 1 – Saturday, April 23

Area 2 – Saturday, April 30

Area 3 – Saturday, May 7


Registration is Required (Beginning Jan. 4)


Registration fee is non-refundable. Print your email confirmation as your receipt of payment.

Acceptable Items

Washers, dryers, ranges, dishwashers, microwave ovens, water heaters, bathtubs, toilets, mattresses, lumber, furniture, bicycles, carpet, doors, swing sets, lawn mowers (fluids must be drained), railroad ties, sections of fencing, auto parts (fluids must be drained), lawn furniture, bed frames, cabinets, and tree limbs and stumps over 8 inches in diameter. All items must be able to be lifted by two men. Oversize items need to be disassembled to 6 feet or less. Engines must be drained.


Unacceptable Items

Household waste, which would be picked up with normal weekly trash service, appliances with Freon units such as refrigerators, freezers and air conditioners, pesticides, paint, commercial waste, car bodies, televisions, computer monitors, tires, concrete, soil or sod, tree limbs less than 8 inches in diameter, shrubs, grass clippings, sealed containers or drums, bricks, batteries, corrosives, flammable or combustible liquids, or any items listed as a hazardous material.


Get information on how to dispose of household hazardous waste and recycling.



Large Item Clean-up Program Hotline: 303-706-3334