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Urban Forestry

The Urban Forestry program is managed by City Forester John Kasza, 303-658-2559.

 "As representatives of the people of Westminster, our management practices focus on providing an urban forest that is safe, healthy, diverse, and able to provide the greatest benefit to the people, wildlife and environment of our city."

To achieve our vision we aim to employ the most effective arboricultural techniques, utilize equipment and technology that results in timely and efficient work and to work closely with the citizens and commercial partners who are part of Westminster's urban forest.

Currently Westminster Forestry actively maintains over 14,000 trees in parks, greenbelts, facilities and rights-of-way.

There are also thousands of trees found within the 3,090 acres of open space across the city. Management of open space trees focuses on hazard mitigation and protection from wildlife damage. Dead trees, broken branches and downed woody debris commonly are left in our natural areas as they play an important role in the ecosystem.

Westminster Forestry coordinates several programs and offers various services available to residents: 

The Forestry Section is available to help citizens with the care of their trees, and we are happy to address concerns related to our urban forest.

Learn more about proper tree care - download a copy of Westminster’s “Growing Healthy Trees”

Plant selection

Westminster residents play a major part in growing a healthy urban forest, and selecting the right tree for the right place is crucial. Take a look at suggested shade, ornamental and conifer trees commonly found at local nurseries.

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