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Water/Wastewater Energy Conservation 

Automated water samplers - Not long ago, each water sample required someone to drive to locations for collection. The city invested in automated water samplers that transmit data to minimize sample collection trips. The result is maintaining high water quality with reduced fuel use.

Updated lift stations - With the implementation of more efficient pumps and motors, and installation of variable frequency drives the city is reducing energy consumption and saving water users money.

Raw water in the reclaimed system - During low-demand irrigation months, the city now has the option to pump raw water into the reclaimed system through the use of a recently completed Raw Water Interconnect. The RWI uses less energy to supply reclaimed water to customers and eliminates the cost of keeping the plant in full operation.

Variable speed drives - The water and wastewater plants use variable speed drives on certain pumps, which allow staff to control the electricity going to the motor. Instead of running at full capactiy, the drives allow staff to target the exact amount needed for pumping while greatly reducing energy consumption. On pumps where these drives are not used, staff optimize pumping by selecting individual pumps to meet the customers’ water demand for that day.

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