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Police Department Energy Reduction

In 2011, the upgraded Building Automation System was installed. The system allows the staff to control the temperature of portions of the building not in use 24/7. This slows the fans and allows the temperatures to naturally fluctuate. Areas such as 911 dispatch and their related servers rooms can be regulated separately from the rest of the building, accommodating the twenty-four-hours-a-day operation.

Two police officers do most of their patrol duties on a bicycle. They are responsible for all parks, open space, trails, golf courses, libraries, recreation centers and other areas where patrol cars or motorcycles might cause a disturbance. Bicycles save the cost of maintaining and fueling a vehicle full time. Maintenance for a bike is about $600 a year, and a new bike lasts 2-3 years. In December 2011 alone, one officer logged 417 miles on his bike—good for the city and good for his health.

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