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Parks & Recreation Centers Energy Reduction

West View Lighting Pilot Project - Following input from guests regarding insufficient lighting in the gym, staff added supplemental lighting. LED lighting was chosen as a more efficient, sustainable option. West View Recreation Center serves as a test facility for LED lighting. If this change demonstrates cost savings and good light levels, LED lighting will be implemented across the entire gym. LED lights are about 30 percent more efficient than the florescent lights they replace.

Holiday Display at City Hall - Since 2006, the city has been gradually replacing holiday lights with LED lights. Previously, the power loads at City Hall alone demanded more energy than was available—adding lights without installation of a new transformer, costing nearly $10,000, was not an option. Energy consumption with the new LED lights is reduced and the lifespan of the new lights is longer.

Swim & Fitness Center Renovation - Completed in 2011, the Swim and Fitness Center renovation included replacement of the existing building’s diffusers. The upgrades makes air circulation more efficient, thereby reducing overall energy usage and costs. 

Resource Management Program - The Parks Services Division initiated this program in 2011. This tier system ranks park maintenance by levels of maintenance and watering schedules. A direct result of less watering at parks is reductions in gasoline consumption, with less frequent mowing, fertilizing and weed spraying at designated sites.
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