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Golf Courses Energy & Water Reduction

Golf course maintenance teams have decreased average water use for both courses over the past three years to 230 acre feet per year, per course, compared to the 10 year average of 275 acre feet—a 17 percent reduction.

Staff did this by:

  • refinement of evapo-transpiration (ET) based computerized watering,
  • replacement of irrigation heads with more efficient gear driven heads,
  • annual nozzle replacement,
  • conversion of non-play areas to native grass
  • use of wetting agents increased hand watering of "hot spot" areas
  • use of deep and infrequent watering schedules
  • addition of irrigation heads to increase application efficiency

Golf course pump changes: Standard irrigation pumps have been replaced with pumps that run on variable frequency drives to increase efficiency and equipment life while reducing the frequent on/off cycles. Courses are charged for how much electricity they use, but also by what time of day it is used. Thus, pumps are scheduled to run during the night to reduce charges. Pressure maintained by the pump allows for less use of the main pumps during hand watering. Changes like this reduce our utility bills.

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