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Fleet Energy Reduction

Custom Fuel Reports - Fleet Maintenance tracks fuel use in a custom report that takes prior year fuel use by vehicle and compares it to the current year. With this report, managers can track fuel use by vehicle and are able to help plan trips and reduce fuel consumption from year to year.

Downsizing Vehicles - Where possible, vehicles are downsized; four hybrids replaced larger vehicles in 2012. The vehicle replacement schedules means that older, less efficient vehicles will be replaced on schedule, rather than deferring replacements for financial reasons. Capital investments are difficult, but the city has established a fund to continue vehicle replacement. More fuel efficient vehicles will continue to rotate into the fleet, resulting in gradual, consistent increases in fuel efficiency.

Vehicle Sharing and Reducing Reserve Vehicles - In the current fleet, three trucks are held in reserve during summer months for seasonal usage in Parks, Recreation and Libraries, and one van for when vehicles are in for maintenance or repair. In addition, five vehicles have been designated for shared uses. This reduces the number of vehicles and the fuel budget associated with them. Reducing take-home vehicles ensures appropriate vehicle availability.

Motorcycles - These are noted on the U.S. Department of Energy website as the most fuel efficient of all on-road vehicles. The city has nine police motorcycles. They are operated year-around depending on weather.

Increasing E-10 Fuel - E-10, better known as 10 percent Ethanol and 90 percent gasoline, is a common energy strategy along the Colorado Front Range and is the standard fuel used in all city vehicles. Although fuel consumption increases slightly with an ethanol-blended fuel, the fuel is comprised of a renewable resource, thus, ten percent less dependency on non-renewable oil.

Flexible Fuel Vehicles -  These are capable of operating on gasoline and E85 (85 percent ethanol, 15 percent gasoline), or a mixture of both. All Police cars purchased since 2009 are FFV. There are currently 59 E-85 compliant vehicles in the city’s fleet. Although there is no on-site infrastructure to support E-85 fueling, Fleet Maintenance has been researching possible grant funding sources to make this a reality in the future.

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