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City-wide Energy Reduction

  • Lifecycle Cost Analysis - Beginning  in the Spring of 2012, the City Manager’s Office included requirements for an evaluation of Lifecycle Cost Analysis for projects that will include on-going energy and water consumption. “Lifecycle cost” means the cost of owning and operating a piece of equipment or a system over its expected lifetime. Staff can now evaluate alternatives not just on proposed price, but can make decisions based on the cost to operate the equipment or system over time. This provides significant reductions in the energy used to operate facilities now and into the future.
  • Stewardship Fund - Often, the purchase of more efficient equipment and systems, is more expensive than less efficient alternatives. Considering stewardship of taxpayer dollars, the additional cost can be justified if the savings benefits are greater than the costs. But what if a project simply does not have enough funds to pay for the eqiupment? In 2011, the city set up the Stewarship fund to provide funds for the additional cost that efficiency can bring. It is called the Stewardship Fund, because we believe it is better stewardship to the taxpayers if we keep future costs as low as possible.
  • Preventative Maintenance - Maintenance reduces emergencies and downtime related to equipment failure. By regularly reviewing equipment for efficiency, staff can insure energy savings is maintained. The Building Operations and Maintenance Division maintains most of the buildings and lighting around city facilities. This provides a unique opportunity to maximize the efficiency of heating, cooling and lighting systems in these facilities. Staff conduct preventative maintenance on HVAC equipment and lighting, including changing air filters, tightening belts, checking bearings and reviewing overall systems for proper operating efficiencies.
  • Solar Panels - In 2009-2010, solar panels were installed on the Public Safety Center, City Park Recreation Center, West View Recreation Center and the Municipal Services Center. There was no up-front cost for this project. The city does not own the panels, but leases space on facility roofs for another company's panels. The company pays the city rent for the roof in the form of cheaper electricity. The city pays about half for energy generated in this way than paid to Xcel Energy. For one installation at the MSC, the city saves about $13,000 a year in electrical costs. Multiplied by four locations, the cost savings are evident.
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