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Winter Pollution & Woodburning

Nearly 90 percent of Denver-metropolitan area residents queried recognize and understand the meaning of color-coded pollution advisories issued each day during the winter, according to an independent survey conducted on behalf of the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment.  However, some confusion still exists about where and to whom wood burning restrictions apply.

Blue and red air pollution advisory program includes the seven Denver-metropolitan area counties and completely covers Westminster.  Indeed, Westminster has identified the need for regulation of solid fuel burning and has instituted restrictions under Title VIII, Chapter 5, of the Municipal Code.  For specifics on these Westminster restrictions, please see the Solid Fuel Burning Restrictions in the City Code.

Red advisories, which indicate that air quality conditions could lead to air pollution levels above federal and/or state standards, trigger mandatory wood burning restrictions and voluntary driving reductions.  Burning is limited to approved wood stoves, pellet stoves, masonry heaters and fireplaces in the seven-county Denver-metropolitan area.

Blue advisories require no public action.  However, residents are urged to consider using alternate modes of transportation whenever possible.

Each advisory includes both the current maximum air pollution concentration and visibility reading in the metropolitan area, as well as the highest readings for the day.  Each advisory specifies which pollutant (carbon monoxide, particulate matter or ozone) is responsible for the day's current high and maximum high readings, and where those readings were recorded.

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