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Vehicle Emissions

The regulation of vehicle emissions increases Colorado's ability to reduce the "brown cloud" both in the summer and wintertime. For more information on where to get emissions testing, please visit Air Care Colorado's Vehicle Emissions Testing website at http://aircarecolorado.com/. To find out more on the reasons behind emissions testing, please visit the Regional Air Quality Council's website at http://www.raqc.org/.

Did you know?
Colorado has a smoking vehicle hotline. This hotline gives motorists and others the ability to report smoking vehicles to the state Air Pollution Control Division through a telephone hotline (303-692-3211) or by e-mail. The state air division then provides owners of smoking vehicles with information that will encourage them to voluntarily make needed repairs. Repairs to smoking vehicles are required if a vehicle fails a mandatory emissions test because of a visible smoke problem. The cause of such smoke must be corrected before the required emissions sticker can be issued. Also, a police officer may stop a smoking vehicle, issue a ticket and order the owner to make repairs. Colorado law provides for a $25 fine for the first violation of the smoking vehicle law. The fine for subsequent violations is $100 (C.R.S. 42-4-412, 413).

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